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Augmented Reality has become a buzzword in mobile applications. One can expect the natural form of real-world objects while AR transposes virtual objects in a real environment. The dual-blend of the digital and real world creates a world that lets interaction possible for humans with animated objects.

With Big Brother App, we leverage AR capabilities with several advancements that ensure a perfect amalgamation of sound, pictures, images, and motion coupled with GPS data for making informative applications. The phantom space of VR and reality is explored thoroughly with AR, giving a sense of computer-generated imagery with better use of people’s senses. Generally, augmented reality represents a clear view of reality by augmenting components in context to the changing environment and direction. We enable AR technology using digital manipulation in its finest form, masked into the real world.

Leveraging Unmatched Potential

Augmented Reality has an unmatched potential in the present world as it delivers incredible experiences across several platforms. At Big Brother App, we utilize innovative technologies for creating some of the most advanced AR applications that are relevant to diverse business requirements. Our team of passionate AR app developers and analysts possess a flair for the impossible, as they continue to embrace new possibilities through innovation to deliver unique and captivating apps, adding value to client’s business while enhancing the end user experience completely.

Our successful track record of creating outstanding AR apps stands in good stead and is a testimony to our expertise in the technology. We have created apps for diverse clients across diverse platforms and verticals. Our in-house team inclusive of AR app developers, AR app designers, 3D modellers, 3D artists, UX design experts, and digital producers are well versed in unlocking the potential of AR technology.

Our Industry-Specific Solutions

Our innovative AR solutions enhance user experiences providing pertinent value to all kinds of business.

  • Business and Enterprise Solutions
    We create custom AR solutions to cater to a client’s unique requirements. These include AR specific animal games, interactive kiosks, product projections and more.

  • Gaming Apps
    We build amazing gaming experiences with our AR gaming design and development experts with the power to mesmerize and astound consistently.

  • Marketing Tools
    We empower businesses with marketing and promotional tools that make use of AR including interactive walkthroughs, product demos, and more.

  • Training and Development
    We specialize in using AR for creating simulations and development modules enabling interactive training for students across diverse industries.

  • Visualization Solutions
    We provide creative visualization solutions that attend to diverse purposes including visual storytelling, presentation, and control of operations.

  • Social Experiences
    We craft engaging social experiences which can be projected and extended with AR devices. We make sure that clients benefit a lot from these rich social experiences.

Industrial applications

  • Retail shops
  • Product Catalogue Presentation
  • AR-based Window Shopping
  • Interactive Kiosks
  • Simulative Surgeries
  • Physical Therapy Training
  • Phobia Treatment
  • Equipment Simulation
  • Interactive Walkthroughs
  • Field Trips
  • Video Lectures and Tutorials
  • Location-Based AR Apps
  • Historical Tours
  • Home Demos
  • Architectural Design
  • Computer-Aided Design and Manufacturing
  • Product Simulation

Why Choose Us?

Technical Skill

Our team comprises of skilled AR developers with expertise and experience in these technologies along with the latest updates too. The in-depth understanding helps us in crafting experiences that make a huge impression for end clients.

Vast Experience

Having industry presence for decades, we boast of immense technical know-how in diverse technologies related to AR while being creative enough to design experiences that ensure retention of reputed clients.

Creative Solutions

Our AR solutions are imbued in creativity, and our sense of innovation is a major differentiator compared to competitors. Our design team have the required skill and creativity to create several immersive experiences that are impactful and impressive at the same time.

Client-centric Approach

Our client-centric approach has served us in good stead with a huge retention of clients, as we tailor solutions based on unique requirements. Our personalized AR solutions match client interests to perfection.

Agile Methodology

We adhere to the agile methodology focused on delivering outstanding results within a specific timeline. At the same time, we follow best practices and high work ethics and standards. It is important for us to stick to consistent communication and reporting in every project.

Competitive Pricing

As an AR app development company, our AR development services are priced cost-effectively without any compromise on quality. We offer flexible engagement models that match expectations and budget of every client we meet.

What sets us apart as an AR App Development company?

  • Our team of expert, skilled and experienced engineers and developers are forever committed to making the most of existing resources with optimum utilization of all elements.

  • We adhere to a Client-oriented engagement model because we want our clients to feel comfortable and be in charge throughout the project

  • Our team of AR app designers are known for their Exceptional UI/UX Design and commitment to excellence in every aspect of the experience.

  • Every developer, designer, analyst, and modeller in our team boasts of vast technical expertise and updates on the latest technologies.

  • Our team of AR developers also adhere to QA Standards while providing robust solutions.

  • Get access to strong and dedicated team who are well versed in developing AR apps that can boost brand recognition and create enough exposure on your new project.

  • Get access to the latest technologies, high-tech and secured infrastructure based on interesting ideas.

It’s a fact that most people go for visual allure instead of robustness and security while developing AR apps. Going by the initial impression, we ensure that each of these AR applications can seduce and captivate all kinds of users who are keen to explore virtual elements in the real world with the equal juxtaposition of AR.

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